M/S: NICE CATERING LIMITED finds the solutions that others miss”

M/S: NICE CATERING can deliver services on a sole supply or regional basis. Our objective is always to deliver customer satisfaction whilst participating in Clients’ commercial target achievements.
M/S: NICE CATERING is in the business of satisfying client’s needs with single, unified, all-inclusive complete service solutions.

We list below some of our key strengths for the successful execution of projects:

a) Capabilities
M/S: NICE CATERING serves clients on a wide array of issues, regardless of industry sector. Our capabilities have been developed through years of experience providing support Solutions for the most difficult, fundamental catering and related problems facing our clients. Offering regional reach with local experience,
M/S: NICE CATERING capabilities are focused on the issues most important to our clients.

b) Local knowledge:
Extensive experience and capability in managing various projects locally, the technically qualified staff and detailed knowledge required to successfully develop and implement various projects. Our staff members proposed to engage in a given project are carefully selected based on their maturity, experience, knowledge and ability to effectively communicate and interact with our Customers.

c) Technical Abilities:
A resource of highly qualified professionals unsurpassed in its depth of experience and knowledge. Such experience substantially sensitizes our team to the vigorous service demands of the institutional and environmental demands.

d) Our Approach
Our approach to various Projects focuses on working closely with the Client and the Staff using the facility to ensure the delivery effectiveness of the proposed services.

e) Management Commitment
Regular scheduled and surprise visits of M/S: NICE CATERING management to sites and to the Client’s Management premises for the purpose of control and staff motivation. Consistency of Standard levels is assessed and feedback reviews are undertaken.

f) Quality and Choices
Quality control is carefully monitored by high-standards, by our specialized People in the Various Catering and related Services requirements.

g) Health & Safety:
Our primary focus is to protect our Business partners (Clients and Suppliers), our staff and the environment.
M/S: NICE CATERING we utilize specialist environmental health and safety Personnel, guided by local and internationally recognized laws and legislation, and developed in our policies. Thus are regularly communicated through training programms to our entire team. Random specialist audits at the work place subsequently ensure absolute compliance.

h) Menu Planning and Healthy eating
Based on our considerable experience of the variation in the requirements of different clients’Nationalities and status, we are able to offer a complete menu selection tailored to different Specific situations. Quality control is carefully monitored by high-standards, by Our specialized People in the various Catering and related Services requirements