The following standards of conduct apply to all employees and other persons acting on behalf of the company. In particular, the company’s managerial level has a special responsibility to lead according to these standards.

a) Comply with the local laws, regulations and company standards:
• We must act with integrity and honesty in all circumstances and at all times
• We must comply not just with the letter but also with the spirit of all relevant with legal and regulatory requirements. This means that we will follow the nderlying practices of laws and regulations as well as following their exact wording.
• We are individually responsible for complying with the company standards, local laws and regulations.
• The practices of competitors or others in the market do not necessarily make such activities acceptable.

b) Do not misrepresent the company or its products or services:
• As members of staff, we must not provide services to customers that do not meet their needs without regarding to the customer’s interests.
• Provide relevant and complete information to customer’s to ensure they have the best choice of product options.
• Explain product features clearly both orally and in any marketing literature.

c) Reject bribery and corruption:
• We will not condone the offering or receiving of bribes or other such facilitating payments to any person or entity for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or influencing political decisions.
• Bribery and corruption damages our business and values. We oppose all forms of bribery and corruption. The company’s aim to promote the best standards of socially responsible business in the country.

d) Speak up:
• We must speak up if we suspect any actual, planned or potential behavior that may breach any laws, regulations or company standards.
• Misconduct and malpractices undermines our reputation and the trust placed in us by our stakeholders. We are committed to maintaining a culture of ethics, integrity and openness by providing effective procedure to speak up.

e) Avoid conflicts of interests:
• We must steps to avoid conflicts of interest be it personal conflicts of interest or business conflicts of interest.
• If we identify potential conflicts of interest, we must take action to resolve and manage them in an open manner.
• We should not try to resolve a conflict of interest on our own.

f) Resolve customer complaints quickly and fairly:
• How we handle complaints is the key to out serving our customers.
• Customers who have complaints deal with in swift and timely manner are often more loyal than those whose have encountered no problems at all.
• Complaints, if they are dealt with quickly and professionally, are and opportunity for us improve our service to customers.
• We must ensure that all complaints are resolved quickly, fairly and recorded appropriately.

g) Respect confidentiality and protect data:
• We must respect company standards, local laws and regulations governing confidentiality of information and data protection.
• We must not reveal certain information unless we are absolutely sure that we are legally permitted to do so. Breaches may lead to regulatory penalties as well as legal action.

h) Treat our people fairly:
• We must meet the expected standards of performance, behavior and conduct.
• We must provide a healthy, safe and secure environment for our members of staff.
• We owe a duty to care to all our members of staff; the company seeks to promote the well-being of all our employees.
• We must treat our colleagues with fairness and respect, help them grow, enable individual to make a difference and team to win.
• We aim for a multi-talented, diverse and representative workforce.

i) Be open and honest with regulators:
• We must be open and honest when dealing with our regulators.
• We must never cover up a problem from the regulator, pursuing with this course of action is strictly prohibited and not only is a breach of company standards, but also may be in breach of local law and regulations.

j) Compliance with this code of conduct:
• Business will explain to employees our values, the standards required under this code and any associated responsibilities.
Business must be able demonstrate that procedures are in place to ensure compliance with all requirements under this code and periodic audit will be undertake by internal audit.
• Failure to comply with this code may lead to disciplinary or criminal action being taken against individuals.